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Descartes Was Wrong (2017)

L’objectif de ce site est la mise à disposition de dix textes qui ont remis en question le spécisme — à leur manière — à travers l’histoire, que ce soit sur les plans littéraire, philosophique ou politique. Ce projet donne à voir un échantillon du socle théorique qui structure la pensée animaliste contemporaine. 

(1) In silence, wondering at the revelations
(2) What a sorry thing to have said that animals are machines
(3) Man is simply one of a series of sentients, differing in degree
(4) The first thing from which he will abstain will always be the use of animal
(5) We all stand on an equal footing
(6) Pain is pain wherever it occurs
(7) We should reflect that in every situation
(8) Then we will not be able to exploit them as our slaves
(9) They should be seen as members of our society and as our co-citizens
(10) We are committing atrocities against marginalized people of all species

(1) OVID, “The Teachings of Pythagoras”, Metamorphoses, circa AD 8
(2) VOLTAIRE, “Animals”, Philosophical Dictionary, 1764
(3) J. Howard MOORE, The New Ethics, 1907
(4) Leo TOLSTOY, “The First Step”, Essays and Letters, 1903
(5) Peter SINGER, “Ethics and the New Animal Liberation Movement”, In Defense of Animals, 1985
(6) Tom REGAN, “The Case for Animal Rights”, In Defense of Animals, 1985
(7) Ingmar PERSSON, “A Basis for (Interspecies) Equality”, The Great Ape Project, 1993
(8) Richard RYDER, “All Beings that Feel Pain Deserve Human Rights”, The Guardian, August 6, 2005
(9) Angus TAYLOR, “An Interview with Sue DONALDSON and Will KYMLICKA”, Between the Species, volume 17, issue 1, June 2014
(10) Christopher Sebastian McJETTERS, “Exploring Radical Veganism”,, Mai 15, 2017